Monday, August 30, 2010

Free Sewing Lessons Anyone?

Not for you, for me! Lately, I've been really wanting to learn to sew. There's so many things I could do on my own- pillows, curtains, maybe even slipcovers if I'm really feeling ambitious. I could really go nuts! I've sewn (sewed?) only once before with the help of a friend in high school. I made yellow monkey-printed pajama pants. They are stunning, believe me. :)

I've been wanting new curtains for the dining room and fell in love with the look of burlap panels.

I could buy these ones for $37.50 a panel. The tab tops are super cute!

Or if I learned to sew and made my own like Layla did over at The Lettered Cottage, I could have a pair for under 30 bucks! Look how cute:

Aren't they great?! It sounds pretty easy- a good sewing project to start out with. I just love burlap. It brings so much warmth and texture and has that natural rustic look that I love.

And who says curtains are only for windows? I love that!

via A Beach Cottage

via House Beautiful

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  1. oh, please give me a lesson, too! You could do stitch-witchery? Check out The Newlywed Diaries--she did that for panels for her closet. Our local JoAnn Fabric store gives classes. I am sure someone near you has them! Have a good labor day...Julie