Thursday, August 5, 2010


I am totally, completely in love with my new (old) blanket chest. It's doing a very good job being a coffee table. :)

This next picture is very exciting for me. Why? Because there's NO deer head on the wall! No pointy antlers, no bulging eyes looking at me, no giant furry beast breathing down my neck. For the first time, the living room is free of wild animals.

If you haven't figured it out already, my husband is an avid deer hunter. He has 3 bucks mounted so far, and I'm less than crazy about them. We started out with all of them in the living room, but I've slowly convinced him to move them in to the spare room/office. We hardly use the room, so now I don't have to constantly be looking at them, and them looking at me. I promised him that when we buy a house he can have his own room- a "man cave" all to himself with all the deer heads he wants. He's ok with that. :)

So now I have this bare wall space; a blank canvas. Hmm, what to do, what to do.

I've been wanting this mirror for a long time, and it would look great on that wall. It's from a company my mom orders wholesale, so I could get it for a really good price.

Or how cute would one of these window shutter mirrors be?! A little more than I want to spend- $119 from Wisteria.

I love this rustic wall clock, also from Wisteria for $59.

Nancy Fishelson's homes always have the coolest antique signs hanging on the walls - I would love to find something like that.

Or I could save my money and just leave the wall as is. But that's no fun. :)

Have a nice weekend!


  1. I've just read through most of your blog, it's so lovely. I'm glad to hear you got rid of the deer heads! Eeeek! You have such beautiful style..and I love those antique signs too. I'm sure you'll find something in that amazing country of yours. We are a little short of antique/vintage things in this young country of ours..I love the pics of you and your hubby, what a gorgeous couple you are! Have a great weekend..Rachaelxx

  2. i'm so very excited for you! trevor's is at his parents' house until he has his "man cave"! he tried to convince me into putting it above the tv so i hurried and found a metal star to put up. there is just something about the eyes and the chin hair... lol i love what you have done with your place and the color change on the entertainment center really gave the room a different look! i'm ready to swap out my red stuff for something brighter. you keep me inspired! :)

  3. Aw, thanks Sarah! I'm glad I'm not the only one creeped out by the deer heads. :) I told Jesse that I hope we have a house by the time he gets another one because I'm running out of places to put them lol. So good to hear from you! :)