Wednesday, March 28, 2012

China Cabinet Turned Office

Would you believe me if I told you we haven't had internet access at home for the past almost 3 years? It's true. I have access to the internet at work, so I never felt the need to have it at home too. But that has now changed. We left our caveman ways behind us, and we are now online at home. Yeah! So I thought this would be a great time to give our computer desk a little face lift.

This is actually not a computer desk at all; it's a china cabinet!

See? We haven't actually used it as a china cabinet for awhile now, and it doubles quite nicely as a home office space. I just had to adjust the shelves a bit, drill a hole in the counter top for cords and wires to drop down, and voila - china cabinet no more. Add a few baskets for storage, a bulletin board, a computer, and it's now a fully functioning office.

The space underneath is great for storing not-so-pretty things, like drawers, bulky things, and a printer.

Just because a piece of furniture is designed for a specific use, doesn't mean you can't use it for something else!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Signs of Spring

A springy wreath on the front door,

hydrangeas coming to life,

garden ornaments (and weeds waiting to be pulled),

bright new nail polish colors,

sandals on my feet,

sunglasses on my face,

and beautiful little blooms popping out from everywhere.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Bad Dream

Have you ever had that reoccurring dream where all of your teeth are falling out, and you're trying to catch them as they're tumbling out of your mouth, but there's just so many that you can't get them all so they're just scattered all over the floor, and then you eventually wake up and realize you still have a mouthful of teeth, so you do a little happy dance right there in your bed? (End world's longest run-on sentence.)

Well, I had a little different version of that dream a couple nights ago. In my dream, I was wearing a necklace that I had made when it suddenly starting falling apart. Beads were flying everywhere and I was trying to catch them, but the necklace kept coming un-done and I just couldn't make it stop.

After I woke up, I thought maybe I should wear a necklace for a day and make sure this wouldn't really happen.

It didn't. :) Still in one piece, and looking good. Whew!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Birthday Nails

Today, I turn 23. I know 23 isn't considered to be "old" but boy, sometimes I just really feel like an old person. Take last night for example; there was a show on TV I really wanted to watch, but it started at 10 p.m. No matter how hard I fought, no matter how loud I turned up the volume to keep myself from falling asleep, I just couldn't do it. 10:04 and I'm a sleeping couch potato. Anything after 10 is just too late for an old fart like me.

So to celebrate my old age, I gave myself a fun and festive manicure.

I used two Essie colors, Cute As A Button and Tart Deco, for a two-toned retro look.

Now it's time to put my party dress on and shake it, baby! Yea!

(Actually, just another day of work. Then birthday cake at grandma's after. Ca-raazy party animal, that's me!)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Shop Preview

As I mentioned in this post, I've been dabbling with the idea of opening a shop on Etsy selling my handmade jewelry. Well, my plans are coming together nicely and it won't be long before Nestled is open! 

Okay, so it's completely empty right now. But I'm working on it! Here's a preview of a couple pieces you will see in the shop:

While starting a new endeavor like this is very exciting, there are also a few fears that come along with it. Etsy is such a huge place with so many great sellers... what if my shop just gets lost among the rest? Or what if I make all these necklaces and nobody wants to buy them?

If anyone has any beginner's advice to share about selling on Etsy, I would love to hear it!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Five Things

 One: A homemade chicken panini that rocks my world.

Two: My growing stash of handmade (my hands!) necklaces.

Three: A super ugly but why-didn't-I-buy-this-a-long-time-ago water filter. No more trips to the grocery store with empty jugs and pockets full of quarters.

Four: Daffodils peeking out on a sunny, 64 degree day in March.

Five: This face. My scruffy, smiling, dirt-faced, hard-working husband who melts my heart everyday.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Making Jewelry

If you follow me on Pinterest, you may have noticed I've been pinning lots of jewelry lately.

That's because I've recently become interested obsessed with making jewelry, specifically necklaces. It started with a couple Pinterest tutorials and has now moved on to making my own creations.

I've been stocking up on jewelry-making supplies, and have spent an embarrassing amount of time standing in the jewelry aisle of Joann Fabrics just oogling all the pretty beads and goodies. I'm pretty sure the old ladies working there are getting to know me.

I have hopes of starting my own store on Etsy, but so far every necklace I've made I want to keep for myself. Oops. I'll try to break that habit, because I think running an Etsy store could be really fun. My cousin Natalie and sister Ellie both sell on Etsy, and it seems like something I would love to do too. Plus, a little extra income wouldn't hurt. :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Target Earrings

I rarely wear earrings. So rarely, in fact, that on occasion I've had to practically re-pierce my ears when I would finally decide to wear a pair. Beauty is pain, literally. But a couple weeks ago at Target, I saw these gorgeous coral earrings hanging all by themselves in the jewelry section. They were the very last pair, and because I already had a blouse in my shopping cart that matched them perfectly, I decided I must take them home.

I have to admit, having these things dangling off my head took some getting used to. Throughout the day, I kept wiggling my head like a human bobble head doll, just so I could feel them swinging around. Which I'm sure didn't look strange at all. But I really love them and can say they've converted me to an earring-wearing woman again. I vow to not let my pierced holes close up ever again!