Friday, March 2, 2012

Target Earrings

I rarely wear earrings. So rarely, in fact, that on occasion I've had to practically re-pierce my ears when I would finally decide to wear a pair. Beauty is pain, literally. But a couple weeks ago at Target, I saw these gorgeous coral earrings hanging all by themselves in the jewelry section. They were the very last pair, and because I already had a blouse in my shopping cart that matched them perfectly, I decided I must take them home.

I have to admit, having these things dangling off my head took some getting used to. Throughout the day, I kept wiggling my head like a human bobble head doll, just so I could feel them swinging around. Which I'm sure didn't look strange at all. But I really love them and can say they've converted me to an earring-wearing woman again. I vow to not let my pierced holes close up ever again!