Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Bad Dream

Have you ever had that reoccurring dream where all of your teeth are falling out, and you're trying to catch them as they're tumbling out of your mouth, but there's just so many that you can't get them all so they're just scattered all over the floor, and then you eventually wake up and realize you still have a mouthful of teeth, so you do a little happy dance right there in your bed? (End world's longest run-on sentence.)

Well, I had a little different version of that dream a couple nights ago. In my dream, I was wearing a necklace that I had made when it suddenly starting falling apart. Beads were flying everywhere and I was trying to catch them, but the necklace kept coming un-done and I just couldn't make it stop.

After I woke up, I thought maybe I should wear a necklace for a day and make sure this wouldn't really happen.

It didn't. :) Still in one piece, and looking good. Whew!

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