Thursday, February 2, 2012

House Numbers

On Tuesday, I shared a little preview of a DIY project I was working on. Well, here it is... painted house numbers!

I got the idea from Pinterest. I was planning on doing this in the spring, but when I heard we were having a 60 degree day in January, I quickly jumped on the opportunity. Here's how I did it:

On regular paper, I drew an outline of my letters and numbers and carefully cut them out with scissors. I didn't want to just start painting without any pattern, because if I made a mistake it would be a little difficult to fix. Once I had everything cut out, I arranged them where I wanted and taped them on the door.

I roughly traced everything with a pencil. Once that was done, it was time to paint! This took a very steady hand, which I totally didn't have. That extra cup of coffee I drank that morning really wasn't doing me any favors.

The paint I used is Olde Century acrylic paint in Manor House White. It's indoor/outdoor paint and a small bottle like this was only about 5 bucks. The brush I used was just a small arts and crafts paint brush.

This is what it looked like after one coat of paint. It needed one more, so I let it dry for about an hour before giving it another coat.

It was super easy, very inexpensive, and I love the results! It gives our otherwise plain-jane house a little personality. Now maybe I should start thinking about giving those stairs some fresh paint too...