Monday, July 26, 2010


Well I finally have an after photo to show you! I had just a few seconds to snap a quick picture before I scrambled out the door for work.

Here it is again, before...

...and after!


I am very, very happy with the change. We had this cabinet custom made awhile back (see how everything inside fits so perfectly? Love!), and I grew sick of the red color pretty quickly. Silly me- I should have known. I change my outfit about 15 times every Sunday morning before I decide on just the right thing to wear; why wouldn't I change my mind about a big, bright, bold red cabinet? The white is much more versatile. It will be easy to play around with the color scheme of the room now.

I used Buttermilk, an Olde Century paint color. I was surprised how well it covered the red. Even after the first coat, it looked great! I will use it again, for sure.

On another note, one year ago yesterday Jesse and I were saying our "I do"s. We celebrated with a nice big slice of year-old cake. :)

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  1. cute! I LOVE the buttermilk. I haven't heard of it...need to look it up. That room is gorgeous.