Wednesday, April 14, 2010

On the hunt

I'm officially on the hunt for a new bedside table. We have one right now, on Jesse's side of the bed. The poor guy has to put up with me crawling over top of him every morning to turn off my alarm clock. A couple days ago he declared that I must go shopping and find one for my side of the bed. I rarely hear the words must go shopping come of out his mouth... music to my ears. :) So, by request of hubby, I'm in the market for my very own bedside table. Yay!

I'm thinking instead of a traditional nightstand, that I would love to find a small desk; something I could sit at and read a book, paint my nails, etc. Something like:

I went shopping yesterday, but no luck. I'm going to an antique mall nearby after work today... let's see what I can find.

A little eye candy for the day...

photos courtesy of Country Living

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  1. Love those images. Good luck with the hunt, I agree, something other than a typical night stand is the best!