Friday, March 18, 2011

Fit for a Queen

Here she is folks, in all her glory... our new bed!

I was so giddy, I could hardly fall asleep in it the first night! But I eventually settled down and slept like a baby. The mattress now sits up about an extra foot off the floor, so me and my short legs literally have to climb into bed. I love it!

In lieu of the standard bench at the foot of the bed, I opted for a little antique desk and chair instead. It gives me a nice place to fold laundry or paint my fingernails... or for my husband, a nice place to clean his shotguns. (Look at the left side of the photo, beside his nightstand... notice anything? Ha!)

My dad hand-distressed the bed for a slightly antique look. Very Pottery Barn-esque. :)

Here's what my side of the bed looks like- a tree stump side table, a lavender topiary, and an ugly alarm clock. For some reason, all the pretty clocks I've ever seen don't have alarms. How sad. Maybe I would be more pleasant in the morning if I had a prettier alarm clock? Wishful thinking.

So there you have it! Our one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted, fancy-pants bed. :)