Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Christmas Time's A-Coming!

Ok, so it isn't coming for another month and a half, but I just can't help myself. I've caught the Christmas bug. The stores are already decked out for the upcoming holiday and it's getting me very excited to deck my own halls. I do, however, have some self control and will force myself to keep the twinkling lights and greenery boxed away until Thanksgiving is over. Maybe. :)

Wreaths just might be my favorite Christmas decoration. They can be put almost anywhere (doors, windows, walls, backs of chairs, tabletops, etc.) and best of all, you don't have to put them away when Christmas is over. I like to keep mine displayed throughout the winter months.

I love boxwood wreaths, especially these mini ones from Ballard Designs- 4 for only $24!

Also from Ballard Designs, how cool is this pinecone wreath? I wonder if I could make something like this myself. Hmm...

Maybe Ballard Designs' monogram wreath is a little too much, but I like it. :)

We've never done stockings before, mostly because we don't have a fireplace, thus we don't have a mantel, thus nowhere to hang stockings. But if we did, I would want these. $34 from Ballard Designs. (If you haven't figured it out already, Ballard Designs has lots of great Christmas decor!)

This I LOVE. The prettiest wrapping paper I've ever seen. From where other than Ballard Designs. :)

I'm really big on mercury glass ornaments. I have a bunch for our tree this year. You can find them at Wisteria and Pottery Barn, among other places.

And as if I haven't overdosed you on Christmas already, here's some pretty pictures. :)

via Min Lilla Veranda

source unknown

via Country Living
Because we don't have a mantel, I could hang stockings from the footboard. If we had a footboard...

via Martha Stewart

via Country Living

via Country Living

via Country Living
I just love myself a big tree in a galvanized bucket!

Ok, I think I got it out of my system. No more Christmas until after Thanksgiving. :)


  1. keep it coming! i love it!!

  2. This is so beautiful....love it...gives me some ideas.:)~Martha Mccarthy

  3. I love the foliage and large pine cones around the front door. But it is only in my dreams, that I could successfully copy it, as it is just too hot at Christmastime (here in Australia) for those poor branches to stay fresh looking. Loved the pine cone wreath, though...maybe I could have a go at that project..? Oh, and I love the kitchen scene, with the WHITE and small tree...beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing.