Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Change of Scenery

Normally at this time, our house would be dressed to the nines in Christmas greenery, twinkling lights, flickering candles, and glistening ornaments. Instead, the walls are stripped of all decorations and everything is being carefully packed into boxes because...

We're moving!

I'm very excited to be able to say that. We've been searching for a new place for some time now and I think we have finally found the perfect home. Thanks to my aunt Viola and the good Lord above, we found a house for rent just 3 miles north of where we live now. I have a few pictures on my phone but for some reason it's not cooperating, so I suppose pictures will have to wait! But I can tell you that it has lots of great things our duplex didn't have... 3 acres, a pond, a big updated kitchen, central air conditioning, a dishwasher, wood ceilings throughout, and the list goes on and on.

The moving begins tomorrow. Rain, snow, or sun... it's happening. And I can't wait!

Because of my currently Christmas-less home, I've been really ooh-ing and ahh-ing at everything Christmas. I miss it!


  1. How exciting! Have fun settling into your new home!!!

  2. Hi Megan. Your new home sounds quite wonderful. I know you'll have heaps of fun making it your own, and if you hurry, you may still get your Christmas tree up before Christmas! I love the photos you have posted of pretty decor...Lovely! I have finished decorating our home for Christmas. So now I can just sit back and admire. *happy sigh* Don't you just love Christamstime? Anyway, if you do get the chance, (in between moving house!)please feel free to drop by my 'green and white garden'to see our Christmas decor for 2010...there are SEVEN posts!(one for each room, and two showing handmade Christmas goodies)
    It is good to find fellow followers of Christ thru blog hopping!
    Hope your days are Merry and Bright!

  3. Yes, I am very much hoping to get a Christmas tree up this year! We still have some painting to do, but hopefully it will get done quickly. I will definitely check out your blog. :) Thanks Victoria and God bless!