Thursday, September 30, 2010

Crazy About Chalkboard

I bought this basket at Target the other day:

The little chalkboard tiles just threw me over the edge. It had to come home with me. It sits atop my refrigerator right now for extra kitchen storage. But after looking around, there's so many other places I would love to have it; inside the front door to hold all my everyday shoes, beside the couch to store extra blankets, in the bathroom for extra towels. It's a good thing there was only one on the shelf, or I might have just bought them all! Bad Megan.

I'm a sucker for baskets... and chalkboard. Especially together!

See? The chalkboard and baskets also came from Target. I do love that store.

I want to do this in my house someday. A chalkboard door! This would be super quick and simple with a can of chalkboard paint.

There it is again! This is going in my ideas-for-when-we-finally-buy-a-house folder. :)

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