Monday, September 24, 2012

Frog Legs

Pants: Target
Sweater: Old Navy
Scarf: Marshall's
Flats: DSW

Frog legs. This is the first thing that pops into my head when I look at these pictures. That, and how ghostly white I am. Seriously, a trip to the beach would not kill me. These shoes, however, almost do kill me. They were on clearance at DSW and even though they were a smidge too small, I bought them anyways. Gold-studded shoes are just too hard to resist.


  1. Loving the color of your jeans. The shoes are super cute, sorry they hurt your feet! Saw you were from Ohio, had to say hi! Heather

  2. Stopping by from a link up... love the look! You look great- and those flats are so rock star!

    Understated Classics

  3. Here from WIWW :)

    so cute! newest blog follower:)

  4. another Ohio blogger here! love your jeans!


  5. I love everything about this outfit! Like, I would come steal this from your closet stat if we were friends and, you know, in the same state.

    Newest follower from WIWW.

    (I am originally from Lima, OH, but live in Texas now)

  6. Big "hello!" to all you Ohio-ans! Yay! :)

  7. I love the title of your post! I have jeans in the same color...never thought of them that way I usually think of green beans or the stem of a plant :P
    The good thing about ballet flats is that they usually stretch out. I've gotten a few pairs that we just a bit too small because that's all they had, and after suffering through wearing them for a while, they stretched to the perfect size!

    1. That's good to know! :) Crossing my fingers that these will get more comfortable!