Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Giveaway!

Guess what I have for you today...

Yes, my first giveaway! It's all happening over at Heather's blog, Smart and Savvy Style. Entering is simple and if you're the lucky winner, you get one of these necklaces for free (your choice!) Click HERE to get all the details and enter to win! The giveaway closes on Friday, 11:59 pm central time. Good luck!

Giveaway is closed - click HERE to see the results!


  1. Hi ! I know that I have never left a comment on your blog before but I am a follower and I love love how cute your blog is. I everything that you write about and therefore would love to nominate you with the Liebster Blog Award !! Please check out my blog With Passion and Love to find out more !

    Love Chrissi xx

  2. Oh and as for the necklace they are all so adorable how do you make them ?! I am pretty useless at things like this my friend kicks ass but me USELESS !!! Lol I really really really love the rose quartz necklace with greenery blue beading. There are 5 rose quartz stones in the middle and the green ble stones are either side ... oh i really don't know how to explain it. But there is a picture of it on your etsy shop link here on your blog it's not a drop necklace (if i can call it that!) ... but a simple one !

    Hope you accept my reward btw !!! xxx

  3. OH my word, your jewelry is GORGEOUS!! Bummed I missed out in the giveaway!

    P.S. - I am your newest follower :)