Thursday, January 27, 2011

Family Photos

For some reason, I've rarely incorporated family photos into my decorating in the past. I think it's due to the fact that I have a horrible habit of never getting pictures printed. They get lost in my camera card, eventually get transferred to the computer with the millions of other pictures that never got printed, and then I forget about them altogether.

But all that changes now!

Jesse and I have been married a year and 7 months, and just last week I printed wedding and engagement pictures for the first time. We have over 800 wedding photos and about 130 engagement photos so obviously I didn't print ALL of them, but just a couple handfuls of my favorites.

I love gallery walls, so I rounded up a bunch of matching wood frames and hung a collection of sepia photos of me and my man.

For a simple way to display photos without a frame, stick a few in the corners of a mirror.

Gone are the days of my camera being full - from now on, I'll start printing and enjoying instead of storing and forgetting. :)

P.S. All of our wedding and engagement photos were taken by the lovely Lisa Christine. She's awesome beyond words!